Psalm 119:97-104

Why study scripture? Why does the psalmist say that he loves God’s law and commandments? Why should we continually read and meditate on the Word of the Lord?

We read, study, and meditate on God’s Word because we live in a broken world where people do what is right in their own eyes. The only way to know what is good and pleasing to the Lord is to study His words. In an uncertain world, the only truly unchanging thing is God, and we learn His work and will and way in His Word.

Knowing scripture well allows us to recognize the false narratives of current culture, especially the ones that seem good on the outside, but are bent on destruction. There’s an old story that must be in every seminary course on sermon illustrations that compares learning the truth of scripture to a banker handling money. The more real money bankers handle, the more quickly they recognize counterfeit cash. The kinds of counterfeit money may change, but it never feels quite like the real thing. The counterfeits of cultural relativism may change seasonally, but God’s Word, like His character, remains the same forever.

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