Psalm 119:89-96

Forever. Firmly fixed. Standing fast for all generations.

Six months ago we never could have imagined the uncertainty of our current world. We can’t trust anything we hear or see on the news. The economy, robust just months ago, has become fragile. Where we used to have 5-year plans, we struggle now to think ahead 5 months. Public gatherings (physical affinity spaces) that used to connect us are prohibited. There may not even be college football in the fall. I live in the South, y’all; no College GameDay may break the South more completely than Sherman’s troops.

As Americans we are more divided than ever in recent memory. The national narrative is “my way or no way.” Instead of listening and conversing, we insist on our “rightness” — and that goes across the political and cultural spectrum.

The psalmist understood uncertainty. People were out to kill him, and he was never sure when, where, or if they might overtake him. He recognized his precarious position and turned to the one thing that is certain: God’s word.

The Lord is eternal. His words are forever. No calamity, no crisis, no government, and no act of human will can alter one letter of God’s law and His promise. The Lord Eternal has firmly fixed His word for all generations and it stands fast. Put your trust in Jesus. Lift your eyes to heaven. Focus on the eternal and you will be able to endure this one day.

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