A do-over.

Jonah 3 Chapter 3 starts off in much the same way as chapter 1: "The word of the Lord came to Jonah." It's almost like God says, okay, let's try this again, a second chance to get it right. I am so grateful for second chances! Even in teaching, I find I improve so much… Continue reading A do-over.

Jonah: When all else fails

Then Jonah prayed. Jonah 2 What does it take for us to turn to God? Jonah had to book passage on an outbound ship, survive a terrifying storm, convince a bunch of sailors to pitch him overboard, and get swallowed by a great fish where he was tangled in seaweed and looking death in the… Continue reading Jonah: When all else fails

Jonah: Swallowed and wallowing

Jonah 1:17 And the Lord appointed a great fish to swallow up Jonah. Full stop. Let me think about this. Jonah figures he would be better off dead than to obey the Lord and preach in Nineveh. He did not seek the Lord in this decision, and he did not consider what might happen to… Continue reading Jonah: Swallowed and wallowing