Psalm 119:89-96 Forever. Firmly fixed. Standing fast for all generations. Six months ago we never could have imagined the uncertainty of our current world. We can't trust anything we hear or see on the news. The economy, robust just months ago, has become fragile. Where we used to have 5-year plans, we struggle now to… Continue reading LAMEDH


Psalm 119:81-88 2020 is looking to be a year where we cry out, "How long?" How long? is a theme that returns again and again throughout scripture. This iteration has two components: physical and political. The components operate separately, but together are wreaking havoc on the US (and the world). "One nation, under God, indivisible"… Continue reading KAPH


Psalm 119:73-80 Teachers know that every student learns a little differently. Some like to take copious lecture notes, while others prefer a hands-on discovery approach. Some work best alone in a quiet room; others thrive in a vibrant group activity. No approach is wrong, which is why the best teachers employ a variety of learning… Continue reading YODH


Psalm 119: 65-72 What does it look like to keep the Lord's precepts with our whole heart? From this passage, I see three main qualities: 1. Know that God is good.2. Know that God does good.3. Recognize difficulties as opportunities. The Bible reminds readers over and over of the goodness of God. From creation to… Continue reading TETH


Psalm 119:57-64 Two phrases stood out to me in this section: "The Lord is my portion" and "The earth, O Lord, is full of your steadfast love." If we dwell on these two things, we could avoid a lot of trouble, headache, and worry in this world. If the Lord is truly our portion, why… Continue reading HETH


Psalm 119:49-56 For many of us COVID19 quarantines are beginning to lift. More people are out and about, some businesses are reopening, and churches are making plans to start modified gatherings for worship. For some people the reopening of society is a relief; for others it represents a new kind of uncertainty. The cultural narrative… Continue reading ZAYIN


Psalm 119:41-48 There is a clear and distinct connection between God's love and God's law; they co-exist. Our testimony as believers is rooted in how we both reconcile and live out both love and law. It's recursive: the law shows us our utter helplessness to be holy, His love provided our salvation, and our appropriate… Continue reading WAW


Psalm 119: 33-40 I'm currently listening to the Bible's history books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. Two phrases stand out to me about the rulers of Israel and Judah: "He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord" and "He did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord." No recorded king… Continue reading HE


Psalm 119: 25-32 COVID19 quarantine orders are beginning to lift in many places, and people are stepping outside to regain some kind of control over their lives. With relaxed shelter-in-place advice, people are beginning the process of making meaning of the last two months. Arguments over blame for the pandemic and conspiracy theories are replacing… Continue reading DALETH


Psalm 119: 17-24 We are living in strange times, but that shouldn't change our reliance on God. The author of Psalm 119 also lived in strange times filled with uncertainty. Traditionally, most scholars believe King David composed this Psalm, perhaps using it as a way to teach his children their letters. Other scholars believe it… Continue reading GIMEL