Oh mercy

Matthew 5:7 Matthew 5:7 Mercy is the thing we all want, that none of us deserves, and that few are willing to offer to others. The Oxford dictionary defines mercy as, "compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm." When we are wronged, our first thoughts are… Continue reading Oh mercy

Joy comes in the mo(u)rning

Matthew 5 Mourning is exhausting. The emotional toll it takes seems to be much greater than any physical task. Perhaps it is because physical work has an end in sight and a finished product. But mourning? It feels like wave after wave of grief without end. Mourning is a time when we need to draw… Continue reading Joy comes in the mo(u)rning

Blessed are they who mourn

Matthew 5:5 Mourning is more than sadness. It is the gut-wrenching wail of devastation and loss. It is the same Greek word used is Revelation 18 when Babylon falls and the people realize there is nothing left of the great city. Mourning is the attitude of the prodigal, the repentance of Job, and the cry… Continue reading Blessed are they who mourn