One last thing

Galatians 6 Paul is adamant that the Galatians get his point: what you do doesn't save you, only Jesus. However, salvation is not an excuse to be useless; there is still good work that needs to be done. The work isn't the issue, but our reason for doing the work matters. If we participate in… Continue reading One last thing

Keep in step

There is a really cool percussive dance genre called Stepping. When I read Galatians 5 this morning, all I could imagine was a team of people using their whole bodies and their voices to create complex rhythms with a message. Stepping requires coordination, discipline, practice, unity, and commitment for the routine to have its full… Continue reading Keep in step

Why go back?

Why would anyone go back to something that doesn't work?Galatians 4 Why Jesus? Why did he relinquish his divine authority and be born as a human to live in an oppressed population under the Roman government? Paul says it plainly, " to redeem those who were under the Law, so that we might receive adoption… Continue reading Why go back?


For the next few days I will ponder the book of Galatians. Paul opens this letter with his credentials. As a scholar, I understand the importance of leading with my resume. If people are going to pay attention to my scholarship, I have to demonstrate my expertise early. That demonstration is also tailored to the… Continue reading Galatians