By faith

Romans 5:2 We have peace with God because Jesus is the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him (Hebrews 5:9.) What does this mean? It means we have ACCESS to grace and JOY in hope no matter what our circumstances may be. We stand on a foundation of salvation because Jesus did the… Continue reading By faith


Romans 5:1 We are justified by faith; Jesus did the work. What a beautiful reminder that we can rest in knowing our salvation is already worked out for us. In this ever changing world we can have peace with God, not by our own doing, but because Jesus did. Today is Labor Day. It is… Continue reading Justified


Psalm 119:49-56 For many of us COVID19 quarantines are beginning to lift. More people are out and about, some businesses are reopening, and churches are making plans to start modified gatherings for worship. For some people the reopening of society is a relief; for others it represents a new kind of uncertainty. The cultural narrative… Continue reading ZAYIN


Psalm 119:41-48 There is a clear and distinct connection between God's love and God's law; they co-exist. Our testimony as believers is rooted in how we both reconcile and live out both love and law. It's recursive: the law shows us our utter helplessness to be holy, His love provided our salvation, and our appropriate… Continue reading WAW

Joy in the middle

James 1:1-2 I am a pragmatic philosopher at heart. While it's interesting to consider all the possibilities of all possible worlds in time and space, at the end of the day, I want what is useful. So did James. As the brother of Jesus he was skeptical until after the resurrection. I mean, having a… Continue reading Joy in the middle

Take heart.

Matthew 14:14-33 At the church I attend here in Las Vegas we are working through a study of what it means to be a Jesus follower. This morning's reading included then section of Matthew where Jesus walked on water. I went back a few verses for context and I think someone who reads this may… Continue reading Take heart.

Jonah’s drama, God’s mercy

Jonah 4 So, one might think Jonah would get excited when the whole city of Nineveh repented of their violence and false religions. But no. Jonah was ticked off. Why? Because he decided the God was too gracious, too merciful, too patient, and too loving. He certainly didn't think so when he was surrounded by… Continue reading Jonah’s drama, God’s mercy

Love, Joy, Reason

1 Thessalonians 5:12-28 The caption in my Bible for these 16 verses is "Final instructions and benediction." I don't think it is a good caption, considering the depth of what Paul wrote. Fortunately, the captions are not part of the Word, but were added by editors, supposedly to make reading easier. Sometimes they can be… Continue reading Love, Joy, Reason

Joy is a choice

January 20 Habakkuk listened to the Lord's plan for Judah in horror and confusion, but his knowledge of God's character helped him work out his response. Chapter 3 is Habakkuk wrapping his brain around the juxtaposition of mercy and judgment in the circumstances of imminent catastrophe in order to save. He plead with God for… Continue reading Joy is a choice


He stands at the window, looking as far in the distance as his aging eyes can see. The road twists away to his left, toward a trade route that branches out in all the directions of the wind. As always, the road is empty in this early morning hour, just before the sun breaks the… Continue reading Solitary