Misunderstood, misapplied, and misused

What do these verses really mean?

We humans have a habit of manipulating facts to support what we believe or think. It happens on a daily basis lately–all over the news, social media, and in lively confrontations conversations with friends and acquaintances. It’s bad enough when facts are cherry-picked to “prove” a position on social or political issues. It’s worse when scripture is used, or rather misused, as a means to make people feel a certain way or to promote some idea that God never intended. I’ve started a series on Instagram exploring some of the ones that make me the craziest. Sometimes I have more to say than will fit on an Insta-post, so I’ll use this space to flesh out my thoughts. Feel free to share misused verses that bother you in comments or via email (info@defaultingtograce.com) and maybe I’ll dive deep into what those verses really mean.

Understanding the Bible

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