Psalm 119:161-168

Psalm 119:164

We are a people of checklists and boxes, aren’t we? There’s nothing like the feeling of striking through some task on paper. Even phone app lists give us that glorious feeling of accomplishment when we finish something.

So, does the checklist life include our praise? I mean, the psalmist says “seven times a day.” The question is rhetorical; of course not. If we did that, our salvation would be based on works, not faith in Jesus’ atoning sacrifice. May that never be our approach to praise!

Seven is a number of completion or perfection. Jesus told Peter to forgive people “seventy times seven” times (Matthew 18), meaning that forgiveness has no limit. Likewise, praise has no limit.

Some days, though, it feels hard. 2020 is just a hard year for most of us, and boundless praise seems like a challenge. The psalmist here offers some ways to begin our praise, which I have conveniently put into 7 points

• Stand in awe of God
• Rejoice in God’s word
• Love God’s law
• Seek peace while standing strong
• Recognize the hope of salvation
• Mindfully keep God’s testimonies
• Know God makes a way

If we (myself included) can begin with these precepts, we will find that an attitude of constant praise becomes our normal approach to even the most difficult times. All to the praise of His glorious grace.

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