Psalm 119:153-160

Psalm 119:153-160

Life is from the Lord. I wrote that in bright pink in my journal. Nothing I do or think or say gives me life. No matter what the circumstances may be, my life is secure in Him. There will be difficulties, challenges, and sorrow upon sorrow during my sojourn on earth, but I know my Redeemer lives, and in Him, I have life (Job 19:25).

This section of Psalm 119 also clearly connects deliverance to obedience: give me my life (because the Lord gives life) according to Your promise, Your rules, and Your precepts. Over and over, life is entwined with God’s character. It is His mercy and His steadfast love that binds us to a living and vibrant relationship with our Creator.

We must never believe that we have the power to save ourselves. Humans prove over and over that anything good in us is easily spoiled by a little bit of power. You don’t have to look farther than the daily news for evidence of people’s inhumanity to one another. The only deliverance available from the human realm is to exchange one marginalized group for another. There is no egalitarian utopia possible if human beings are involved.

God’s salvation is according to His mercy. God’s redemption is according to His promise. Our acquiescence to His word and His righteousness through Jesus is our hope for life.

God’s commands, precepts, and rules are grounded in His mercy, truth, and steadfast love forever. We can abide in Him, knowing that our lives are hidden in His grace.

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