Psalm 119:137-144

Psalm 119:141

The Grand Canyon is misnamed. Grand is an understatement. It’s impossible to describe it adequately, especially since it’s impossible to see all at once. You might capture the width of it from and airplane, but the depth is missing. You might view the breadth from one side to the other, but still miss height. From the Colorado River you sense the scale of depth, but the length and breadth are hidden. As magnificent as our eyes are, they cannot contain the fullness of this one natural wonder.

We are so small. There’s no getting around it. The planet on which we live is a tiny blue dot in the vastness of the universe. Our lives are short. The things we consider important is trivia in the expanse of time and eternity.

In all our relative insignificance, God knows us, individually. He who created all things calls us by name (Isaiah 43:1). While we cannot begin to fathom the height and depth and breadth of His love for us, we can consider His attributes individually. We can meditate on His Word. We can hope in His promises and we can remember His precepts. His righteousness is forever; beginning to understand His holiness requires more than a lifetime.

We will never run out of discoveries when we seek after the Father with our whole hearts. Like the Grand Canyon, there is always more to learn, to see, and to know about the Almighty One who calls us each by name.

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