Weekend interlude

Jehovah Jireh. יְהוָה יִרְאֶה

Jireh, as an attribute of God originated with His provision of a ram for the sacrifice, as Abraham demonstrated his faith and obedience even to the point of losing his son (Genesis 22). God’s faithfulness as provider for Israel is demonstrated over and over again throughout the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus Himself promised that God would provide for those who seek Him first (Matthew 6:31-33). However, there is action required for the believer. Abraham had to demonstrate his willingness to act in obedience; the people of the Book had to keep away from idols, and believers must pursue righteousness above all else. The Lord as provider is not an invitation to sitting and waiting while God does all the work. Even during the exile the Hebrew people were tasked with gathering the manna each day (Exodus 16).

There are plenty of great sermons about the generous provisions God has for His people when they walk with Him in obedience. From the manna of the Exodus, through the the Faith Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11, God’s faithful care for the needs of His own is abundantly clear. But what does it mean for today, in light of pandemics and politics and protests that God provides? Provides what? And for whom?

I read the passage provided for prayer by Hope Church, Las Vegas: Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33). The things here are the practical needs of life: food, shelter, clothing. But the next verse is the one that captured my attention: Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof (v 34, KJV).

When uncertainty is all around us, when all we see and hear is evil, and when divisions seem to rule the day, God is still providing. We don’t need to borrow trouble from the future and we mustn’t dwell in trouble from the past. We have to live in the present. And today requires our undivided attention. Today is when our actions allow God to provide in and through us. Today is when we pray and seek His righteousness and direction. And today we obey.

I don’t know what that obedience looks like for you. You may feel compelled to stand with others in public spaces as a voice against racism. You may be challenged to spend the day in quiet and uninterrupted prayer for peace. You may be called to use your influence on social media platforms to speak and share the news of the day. For me, today is to write and blog, knowing that, if it is worthy. God will direct people to it.

What I do know for certain is that God will provide everything we need to walk in His will for us, even in the most desperate days. Our responsibility is to seek Him and take the action He asks of us individually without wavering and without worry. He is the trustworthy provider of all our needs. We can pray with confidence, “Lord, let my hope be in You. Let my words and actions reflect your grace, mercy, and love. Help me see Your provision for today.”

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