Wisdom in the middle

James 1:5-8

We are living in a time of unprecedented chaos. We watch the news, get lost in social media posts, debate over how seriously to take COVID 19, and shake our collective heads at the maddening inconsistencies of what we see and hear. It is easy to be overwhelmed by it all.

God is with us in the middle of the chaos. We do not have to be overwhelmed; we can be wise. James wrote that all we need to do is ASK for wisdom and then ACT on it. God will generously give us the wisdom we need when faced with contradictory claims, false information, and rumors. Jesus said we can ask and it will be given (Matthew 7:7-8) because God loves us.

When we ask, we must also listen, hear, and respond according to what the Lord reveals to us through the information we see. This is not to say that we ignore the facts, pretending that it will all go away if we don’t acknowledge the situation. That is the way of foolishness. What is does mean is that we look at the facts through the lens of the Word and prayer. It also means turning off the voices that add to the distractions from hearing what’s true.

John 14:27

We also need to recognize that our own thoughts deceive us. If we ask for wisdom and then rely solely on what we think, we will be confused, worried, and anxious. If we use our God-given intellect to focus on His thoughts, His character, and His promises, we can have peace (John 14:27). We can trust the wisdom that God gives us when we ask for it. We can act on that wisdom with assurance that He loves us.

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