Who has bewitched you?

Galatians 3

The Galatians were near eye-witnesses to the crucifixion and resurrection; this letter was written less than 20 years after the events. But in that short time, they began to add a human element to salvation – Jesus can’t possibly be enough, so keep the Law, too. But NO. JESUS IS ENOUGH. It is by faith alone. No one can stand before a Holy God based on their own merits; the righteous live by faith (Habakkuk 2). So what’s the Law for? The Law shows just how far we are from the perfect holiness of the Father. There is no one good enough to meet Him on His terms.

Modern Christians fall into the same trap that entangled the Galatians. Too often believers judge each other based on what they see. Too often a checklist of church attendance, clothing, musical preferences, parenting styles, and political leanings replace the love of Jesus that should be the hallmark of Christian life, especially toward one another.

In Christ there is no distinction between cultures, preferences, or any other man-devised thing; everyone who calls on the Name shall be saved! And once saved, we are family in faith, not law. In Jesus, we are children of God through faith (v 26). We must keep family faith and love as priorities. If God supplies the same Spirit to each of us, then let us respond to each other in that Spirit.

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