The end of the matter

January 11, 2020

Ecclesiastes finishes with “the end of the matter”; life is short and hard, so live it well by fearing God and keeping his commandments.
Solomon offers some practical advice for making the most of our breath of a life on earth.

Be generous (11:2), be alert (11:4), be in awe of God and the mysteries only he can know (11:5), rejoice in your life no matter what the circumstances (11:8), don’t take yourself too seriously (11:10), commit your life to the Lord while you are still young and optimistic so that your faith will sustain you during the dark days (chapter 12). Solomon’s wisdom caused him distress because he was keenly aware of the difficulties in this life. He despaired because he couldn’t find a way around life’s troubles. In the end, Solomon taught that the only real satisfaction in life comes from the Giver of life Himself.

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