Find the joy

January 10, 2020

Ecclesiastes 8-10 is another reminder that life is hard. And unfair. And hard to understand. And ultimately everyone dies and is forgotten. Thanks, King Solomon. So, now what?

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do wicked people prosper? (Ch8, v14). Solomon struggled with that question the same way we do, and his only answer was, “who knows? (8:1, 16-17). But, the wise know that this sojourn is temporary. Under the sun (in this lifetime), we may never see why things happen the way they do. So, find joy in the small things of daily life, do good, be grateful, enjoy relationships, work hard. These are the things that are wise. We cannot control our circumstances, but we can choose how we respond to them. Solomon says over and over again, “Choose joy.” Even when it feels impossible.

Jeremiah 15:16 suggests a place to begin, ” Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O Lord, God of hosts.”

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