A brief meander through Ecclesiastes

New year, new Bible, new planner, new goals. #Joyful I started sharing my reflections about my Bible study on Instagram, and I’ve decided to copy the posts here as well. That way, if I get really long-winded I can direct people here for the complete comments.

January 6, 2020

Ecclesiastes 1-3 (so far) sounds so depressing! Solomon checks off all the things in this world that we chase after in hopes of finding satisfaction and fulfillment. Each one is found wanting. Wisdom is not enough, pleasure is not enough, prosperity is not enough, work is not enough: nothing is enough to satisfy. So, the question is, why bother with any of it? What IS enough?

Solomon answers in ch 3: God has put eternity into our hearts, and He will be enough. When our hearts’ desire is for our Creator, we will be able to enjoy wisdom, knowledge, pleasure, and work because these things are God’s gift to us.
Solomon reminds us that there is nothing better than for us to be joyful and do good as long as we live; this pleases God and draws us closer to Him who can satisfy.

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